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Label Electronic Cords

Label electronic cords so it’s easier to locate the correct one. This also makes it easier to unplug the one you need, especially in a dark location. Examples of cord labels behind your TV include:
  • “TV Power Cord”
  • “Cable/DVR Power Cord”
  • “DVD Power Cord”
  • “Xbox Power Cord”

Keep Electronic Cords Organized While in Use

Cord organizers, such as the yellow one in the photo, can keep frequently used electronic cords in place. This makes it easier for you to use them on your desk or near your computer.

Tangle-Free Cords

To keep cords organized and tangle-free, use any of the following:
  • Twisty-ties
  • Velcro strips
  • Plastic bags

Too many instruction manuals?

Locate instruction manuals online for your electronics and gadgets and save them to your computer.

Then, recycle paper instruction manuals.

Reduce your supply of old cell phones and chargers

Why do we save our old cell phones and chargers? Go through your supply and donate the ones you'll never use to a local shelter.

Too many electronic cords?

If you have multiple electronic items or cords, ask yourself these questions:

•Do I really need more than one?
•Is it easy to use?
•Do I favor one over the other?
•Do I frequently use this electronic item or this type of cord? 

Weeding out the items you don't use will give you a little more space in your cabinets and drawers.

Group similar electronic items together

When you group like electronic items together you can easily see what you have. Do you have more mismatched electronic pieces than you thought you had?

Focus on one area at a time

When you're getting organized, only focus on one container or one type of electronic item at a time. This strategy will prevent you from taking on too much and getting overwhelmed.

Reuse old check boxes in your home office

Use small containers, such as old check boxes, to separate and store office supplies in a drawer or on a shelf.

Designate an "Inbox" for each family member

To make it easier to handle incoming mail and papers, create an "Inbox" for each family member. Once the incoming mail is brought inside your home, sort it by placing mail for each family member in the appropriate slot.

Do you have a System for managing your papers and incoming mail?

It's easy to get overwhelmed with incoming mail and papers. Do you have a system in place? Sometimes a system can be as simple as opening your mail near your recycle container so that junk mail is immediately recycled.

Why do we save extra pens and markers?

Why do we accumulate so many pens, most of which we dislike? Go through your pens and markers and keep only your favorite writing utensils. Then, think twice before accepting a "free" pen in the future.

Leave ample space in your Home Office drawers

Try not to overcrowd your drawers or shelves in your Home Office. If possible, leave plenty of space between items so you can see them and easily retrieve them. Reserve your drawer space for those items which you use most often.

Use Drawer Dividers in your Home Office

Using drawer dividers in your Home Office can help you stay organized. Place similar items in the same cubby. In this photo, large and small paper clips are placed in separate cubbies.

How many do you need?

If you have duplicate items, ask yourself how many you need. Sometimes it's convenient to store items in multiple locations, such as in your home office and in a drawer in your kitchen.

Group similar home office items together

Group similar items together, such as "tape and adhesives". Then, try to store these similar items together.

Relocate items that don't belong in your Home Office

When you're organizing your home office, you may find items that don't belong in this particular room. Set these items aside and relocate them to another room or area once you're finished. In this photo, you'll notice batteries mixed in with other office-related items.

Sort your Home Office Items

When sorting items in your home office, place similar items together, such as staple accessories in one area and paperclips in another. This makes it easier to see what you have.

Focus on one area at a time in your Home Office

Organizing too much at once can be overwhelming, especially in your home office. Focus on one area, one drawer, one shelf, or one cabinet at a time.